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"Things" That Go Bump In The Day!

Sorry Ros, don't mean that you are a "thing" ... just had to have a title.

And, apologies on DJ's behalf that his story wan't up yesterday, but early afternoon I came down with some sort of lurgy ... so, this got delayed until this morning!  Anyway - here goes ....

Yesterday morning was, yet again, a beautiful day.  The sun was shining, and it hadn't rained overnight, so I was greeted by a huge fluffy teddy bear!  He looks so stunning on mornings like this - and as his coat is in great condition, he feels so soft and silky as well.

We walked in and I gave him a groom  - as he was basically dry I was able to concentrate on his lower legs - trying to dry them, and get the mud off them for him.

Toni took Smudge out to a field and just rode Junior, while Ros and Rosie joined us for our weekly adventure ... DJ being the only boy to escort his 5 ladies!

It was a great day - and we headed towards the woods, although just before we got there Toni changed her mind, to spare DJs front legs, and my bad thigh for a few more days ... It is a steep drop down and then a climb back up .. Lovely but harder work for us all.

So we headed on round the larger block to come out opposit the Church and thus home.

Sadly just before getting to the Church there is a short hill which we decided to trot up ... Rosie enjoyed herself too much and bucked with excitement ... on her second buck his back leg landed on the verge finally tliting Ros too much - and she hit the road.  She was sore - and annoyed, but not injured, neither was Rosie.  
Toni and I both got off, so I could have the 2 horses while she collected Rosie and helped Ros back on .. then it was time for us to get back on and head home.

About 1/2 mile from home, Ros decided to get off and walk the rest of the way as she was aching ... by the time we got to her place she was feeling a lot more comfortable.

So, although it was a great day - and DJ was impeccable, accidents still happen - I love riding, but you have to remember that if you get on a horse, you also have to get off ... hopefully that will be in your timing, but not always!

DJ was, understandably, quite warm by the time we got back, so I settled him before giving him a feed and taking him out to his field so he could tell Conrad all about his exciting morning.

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