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What A Good Start To A Week!

Yes - Monday morning and there is one person in the universe who has been a good boy.  Well, that's what I told DJ ... I didn't like to add that there were probably others who qualified, because that might have upset him!

I went to ride today - having planned to meet up with Rags and Ros' daughter Hazel - however they cancelled as I was walking DJ in from his field.

he had been a good boy, already, as he had cantered across to me (or was it the carrot in the opposite hand to his rope?).  I wished Conrad a Happy Birthday - 3 years old today!

So I decided as he was in we would just go on the quickest ride - up to a hamlet just over a mile away.

DJ trotted the whole way there - and about 1/2 the way back, before I made him do some "transition work" .... For non-riders that means walk, trot, stand ... in rapid random orders, to make a horse focus on you and your voice rather than his surroundings.  It was something I had been lazy about recently, so that was good work for us both.

When we got level with the verge of the fields he lives in - this is where his "hero" mode switched on.  

There were 2 pneumatic drills and 2 people with strimmers ... put it this way I almost decided to abandon going home ... but the hero of the hour (with just vocal encouragement) walked past it all.

So - Isn't he great ... What he will be like the rest of the week I don't know!
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