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Something To Be Happy About MEME - Day 4

As I type this it is exactly a year ago today that I fell over and pertially removed my finger!

Something to be happy about - YES - I have full molbility in that finger, which has only really occured over the past couple of weeks.

Overall the scarring is minimal, the nail grows, and I have feeling in 80% of the digit (incliding the tinger tip, which is the part of my hands I use for work).

I can play the clarinet (well, the conductors of orchestra and band will dispute that - but they always have, LOL); and I have full strength when I am working.

So - YES - something amazing to be thankful for.

Added to that - a huge thanks to Toni for her help at the time ... and for you, my friends, for all the support you have given me during the darker days.


Tags: injury, meme, thanks, toni
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