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Cold And Wet - Not A Traditional Wednesday!

As I drove towards DJ this morning, the sun was shining ... and the further I drove, the darker it seemed to get!

Still, as you can see under the cut, I took my camera out to the field, so you can see part of where DJ and Conrad live - for any who haven't spent time aroung horses, you will be horrified by the mud ... Those who know horses, know that muddy gateways are unavoidable.  And, all of you will realise that DJ can stand very unevenly!  Conrad is almost 5, so should have stopped growing by now!


DJ standing tied up on the yard - dry, but dirty ... a lot of grooming ahead of us!

DJ (ignoring me) in his box, with Smudge and Junior in theirs.  They live in overnight, so I get to see them each day, whoever Toni is riding.

I then proceeded to groom him ... the plan had been to take another photo, but I ran out of time ... Oh well maybe next time!

Toni rode Smudge and led Junior and we went with Ros and Rosie an=round the forestry.  There was quite a lot of work going on, as it is a managed area, itt is great to see it being well maintained.

Just as we were leaving and heading back on the road, we actually saw a daffodil in flower!

Then back home.  As we couldn't trot all the way due to DJ (this was his longest ride since his leg injury) we were out for about 1 1/2 hours.  DJ was a good boy, didn't spook at anything (including large traffic, the contractors in the forest, or even his oily patch!)

By the time we got back we were all cold as for the last 1/2 hour it had been hailing and raining!  Therefore, no furthjer picture of DJ at this point either ... he looked dirty!  Also, as I went to jump off - the word "Ouch" came to mind ... my bruised leg was not at all happy ... I had kept my feet in the stirrups the whole time - and combining that with frozen, wet jodphurs ... OUCH!

So, after I had fed DJ, I slipped his bridle back on and rode him back to his field (his back was dry where the saddle had been) ... so more work for DJ, but less for me!

I am sure he will have spent the rest of today moaning to Conrad (and Badger in the next field) about how tough his life really is!

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