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If You Can't See Me ... I Don't Have To Work ... Do I?

... Sorry DJ - but the answer is yes!

When I got to DJ's this morning it was to find that it was  lot foggier there than it had been at home!  I was fairly lucky that DJ was near-ish to the gate in his field otherwise I have a feeling that the "title" of this update would have been his motto today!

Still I got him in - 'cos even if the fog didn't clear he is still one hairy monster - as he is shedding his winter coat.  So I could spend a lot of time grooming.  However by 10am it had cleared enough for us to head off down the road ... and he was being my real hero toady as we had to negotiate a lot of roadworks before we met up with Ros and Rags.  

Once together we soon headed off onto bridle paths, because although we were brightly dressed and the fog was clearing there are still some nutty drivers out there!  It seemed as if half the wildlife of Devon was in our way today - We came across -

A load of cattle that didn't seem to be where they should have been - they were just happy standing in the hedgerow
A roe deer who decided to say hello to DJ
A few partridges - I lost count
2 dogs who were on a walk - but so far ahead we thought they were by themselves
A bright yellow butterfly - don't know what type but amazing to see
And a field full of primroses.

So after yesterday's "unusual" finish, it was a really peaceful time.  Great to see the English countryside in all it's glory.
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