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Finishing The week In Style.

I hadn't planned on riding again this week as my leg was still sore, but as Toni had moved him (and Conrad) to a different field, one with more grass, he needed to do a bit of work, so he didn't just eat till he burst!

So I sloshed my way up to his field - he seemed pleased to see me, but as we had gale force winds overnight, as well as heavy rain, I think he decided that a cattor was the cure for his tiredness!

Actually as I was grooming him he actually spent a lot of the time snoozing - so it was lovely to actually get him brushed from top to toe, as well as seeing him nice and relaxed and peaceful.

Toni rode Smudge and led Junior and we went about a mile there and back ... yes, kalinda001 ,  he went past his oil patch with no troubles!!!  Overall, if I dare say it, he is doing so, so well - both after his leg injury, as well as his traffic aversion.

I again rode without stirrups - so it was good to be able to ride, without any pressure on my leg - and to remind the rest of my muscles what they should be doing!

Once back, I fed him and hobbled back with him to his field.

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