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Any Guitar Players Out There?

I really have a technical question.

This lunchtime while my dinner was cooking I was yet again addressing Christmas Cards and had the TV on a music channel for 5 mins (to save me putting on a CD!) ... and was singing along!

Then I realised that the next song was one I hadn't heard in years - "Mull of Kintyre" by Wings ... OK, now for my question ...

Paul McCartney plays his guitar back-to-front ... James doesn't.

Why do some lefties play a guitar the other way round, and some don't.?

I am ambi-dextrous and do some things one way, soe the other ... and some (like fencing) I can do with either hand.

So, just wondered what the advantages were, as I would have thought the left hand had the more difficult work with a stringed instrument.  (Clarinets and saxophones can't be changed ... you use both hands, with the left above the right!)
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