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Update - Both Of The Weekend ... And In General!

Well, that way it saves me doing 2 posts!

A few of you have reminded me that I haven't updated you on my health - and hugs *hugs* to those people ... It has really meant a lot.

I am basically feeling a lot better.  I went to the doctors last, about a month ago, and he did blood tests, which I haven't actually got the results yet.  The reason is that, until I typed this, I had forgotten!  My doctor had assured me if there were any problems he would ring, and seeing as I am feeling so much better, I just never get round to phoning.

My tiredness is really receeding, and if I do still feel low about one or two things in my life I am learning to fight back.  The phrase I used to use ... and am now starting to use agin is ...

If they don't want to know me, then they are the ones that are losing out!

So - overall a big(ish) Yay!!!

DJ is OK - for those who may have noticed there hasn't been any news from him!  It has been me that has not been able to ride this week.  This year has been weird, with one or other of us having some time off!

So - as to why I can't ride at present!

Last Thursday, as well as being Thanksgiving, it was also my Dad's birthday.  So I went home for a long weekend.  It was lovely to see Dad on his actual day, but as I walked in the door it was to have Dad trying to persuade Mum to go to the hospital (She is an anti-hyperchondriac!!), as she had hurt her eye.  So I grabbed a cup of tea, kissed Dad, and dragged Mum down the road!  It is only 5 mins drive, so that is great.

It turned out that she had scratched her cornea, as she has really dry eyes she is used to her eyes feeling sore, so was not worried!!

I then had to take her back the following day to see the specialist, who said that she was doing OK, but was going to monitor the dry-eye syndrome and hopefully fing some treatment that will work - so that was good.

There is a verse in the Bible that says "All things work together for good, for those who love God" ... and it is times like this when you realise how true it is.  What was a minor problem for Mum should end up giving her some long-term help.

Anyway, we got back from the hospital, and Dad asked me to change a lightbulb in the bathroom ... fine ... onto the cabinet, changed the bulb, jumped down, only to find Jiffy in the space I was going to land in, so twisted and fell against a ledge ... and when I say OUCH, I mean it!!!  I landed on my hip ... on my good leg.  I now have a bruise that is 9" x 3" ... Honest!  And because I couldn't weight-bear for a few hours, and even now it hurts to walk, my old leg injury that I did when I was 21 is not at all "happy".

So, I am hobbling round, and feeling slightly sorry for myself - as well as a twit when I have to explain that it was changing a lightbulb that caused such an injury ... LOL


Hope that you all had a great weekend ... Now I really must get on with finishing my accounts, whih were due in April!

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