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BtVS, Season 3, Pre Lovers Walk.

Just a few random thoughts as I watch through Season 3 of BtVS.

So far, I am enjoying re-watching.  So often, when there is a series I love I watch my favourte bits all the time, so it is good to watch all the way through.

There are some of the later stories that have built up over all the 7 years, and it is great to see where their story started.

I have just watched Revalations, and the scene at the end with Faith reminded me how alone she felt.  It is partly something I could identify with, but there again, I was a mile away, due to the fact I had (and have) a loving family support.  It made me re-think my thoughts on her.  She made wrong choices - but she had some tough things thrown at her, when she was both alone, and fairly young.

Unfortunately the character of Xander continues to further annoy me - he is very judgemental about Angel, yet is willing to cheat on Cordelia.  She is lovely at this point - and I have to admire her, for the breakthrough she had in allowing herself to date Xander.  That was a tough choice for her, yet she did.

Willow also shows the beginnings of her character ... the covering up of her relationship with Xander.  She is a great girl who has come so far, yet now is slipping slightly, not knowing a way out, she covers her problems.

I liked seeing the character of Lily, again in Anne.  There are a couple of great future fan-fics I have read that has her in, both showing her life a bit more, and also Spike meeting her.  That is one of the lovely things about BtVS, they had one or two extra characters, like her, who really filled in some gaps.

Buffy herself, is actually growing up fast in this half of the series.  She copes with the life she has run away to - yet when she thinks about it, like the "prodigal son" she returns home.

She tries to get back her relation ship with her Mum and her "Dad" (Giles) ... and become friends with The Scoobies again.  She tries to be a friend to Faith ... All the time working her way through dealing with Angels return.  Yes, she hides that, but comes to the opinion that she needs to tell people.  She also realises that she can't have a relationship with him ... She is a learning to be a strong adult here.

A couple of these episodes I have really enjoyed - my favourite being Band Candy.  That was such a great idea, to let adults be teenagers again - I honestly don't think I would want to re-live my teens as they weren't very happy, but I enjoy being "me", which is sadly something that most adults either forget, or won't permit themselves to experience. 

It was lovely to see Giles and Joyce - and their happiness in that episode ... I wish that it had progressed further.  Maybe teenagers don't like the thought of their parents with other people - I can't say, as my parents are still married after 56 years.


So, all in all I am enjoying the series ... can't wait for the next episode though - Drunk Spike!!

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