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Winter Temperatures - Poor Boy!

It is on days like today I find it hard to realise that DJ is happy - He loves mud ... But when I see him in a wet field on a windy morning I want to take him indoors and knit a jumper for him!

As he is an Irish Native Pony, being a Connemara, his coat grows fast and long at this time of year ... so he was a damp, muddy, fluffy boy as he came in this morning.  He had obviousy had a roll in a puddle of mud.  Conrad was dry, yet DJ was, in patches, wet!

Anyway, he was a good boy and came in - and stood really quietly while I was grooming him.  The advantage he has, if we have time, is that I am able to brush him in those "hard to reach places" ... So he enjoys that!

Toni was fairly busy this morning - as she had been busy over the weekend ... celebrating Christmas!!!!!  Her Dad will be in Florida for December and January, so they were all able to get together on Saturday.  So, we didn't go too far - just a mile up the road and back, with her riding Junior and leading Smudge, which meant DJ ended up jogging most of the way.  Traffic wis e he is doing really well - so I am pleased with him.

When we got back, as I was untacking him, he stood yawning away - anyone would think he had dodne a full days work, or something.  However, he wasn't too hungry to eat!

Then back to his field - and I dare say to roll and get rid of his nice clean coat again!
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