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Thank You F-List ... A Short Ramble About My Friends.

Over this last week I did a couple of memes that were about my f-list and it really made me think ... WOW ... Don't panic, I do engage my brain occasionally!

My f-list is great - I hope that you all love your LJ friends as much as I do ... However as I type that I mean about 1/2 of you are great!

I have some genuinely amazing friends out there.

Some of whom I have been lucky enough to meet, and some I probably never will get to see in person, due to geography.  But I do love you.

You have been really supportive of me, listened to my rambles and generally been really special people.

For someone who was bullied and therefore didn't have friends when I was at school, it has left me very wary of making friends.  So this is a really special THANK YOU to many of you that are listed on my f-list.

You have helped me feel normal, or maybe to realise that there is no such thing as normal.  As I said earlier in the year, I am OK ... and you have helped to begin to accept that.

For my friends out there, you have been great - and love reading your posts, as much as seeing various comments you make.  I accept that RL takes over from time to time, but do miss you when that happens!

However the other thing that suprises me is that of the 87 people listed on my f-list, ther are about 1/2 of those people that I have never heard from, nor have I read anything they have written.

Do you even exist?

Who are you?

I just wonder why you friended me?

Maybe one day I shall hear from you - it would be nice if you said Hi at some point.

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