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It's Wednesday Again!

Sorry DJ - that time of week when we all meet up!

Actually he walked across the field to me, which is great to see, although as I watched him arrive I realised that he had obviously had a busy day yesterday.  No, he wasn't lame again; but instead of a grey pony walking towards me there was a large mud-ball!!!!

At least he was basically dry!

So, I think we took half his field in with him, and left a lot on the floor of his box as I groomed him.

As it was Wednesday, Ros and Rosie came to meet us, Toni rode Smudge and led Junior and so the 7 of us set off.

We went down the road, walked down the lane we canter down and back.  Toni chose a route that was fairly level, as well as keeping her horses at walk, to make life easier for DJ, as he is doing so well, we want that to be maintained.

As we walked down the lane we actually met another horse and rider - first time I have seen anyone else - and on the most narrow bit of the route - typical.

Then as we were almost back, Ros pointed out a stunning view in a field about 3 from where we were - Roe Deer wandering around and eating ... 4 of them.  Then as we walked a bit further, on a gatepost on the nest corner sat a buzzard - so a lovely morning of wildlife.

The weatherw as great, so DJ came back quite warm - I towelled him down before he had a small meal.  When I got back from taking him to his field Toni was giving Junior a bath - which she couldn't decide if she was enjoting, or not!!
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