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Jiffy - A Law Abiding, Green Citizen!

Yes, in England we have rules about seat-belt wearing ... well, Mum has e-mailed me a picture that she took of Jiffy today, as they were going to visit friends -


So - as you see, he has read and understood The Highway Code ... no points on Dad's driving licence from a deliquant dog!

Varios councils have different rules when it comes to re-cycling in Britain.  Where both Mum & Dad and I live, we have a similar situation - plastic drinks bottles are re-cycled, but without their lids.  So, we have a simple way of doing that.  As the last of the fizzy drink leaves the bottle, Jiffy turns up ... I then am very tidy and put the lid on the bottle, and place on the floor near the kitchen door ... and Jiffy then removes the lid.  Most of the time, he will also take off the ring where the lid was sealed and also the label.  As I had the camera out, he refused to finish the second half of his job!



Anyway - hope that all your family are as eco-friendly .... If not, he will be around to give lessons, at a premium rate, of course.
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