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Can't Believe It's Monday Morning Again!

.... Well that was the look DJ gave me this morning, I am sure!

Although to be fair he did actually walk across the field to me, so can't moan at him, can I?

We walked in and he was pretty clean - obviously it has rained since he has last rolled.  If only he didn't roll so much this rain would make life easier for me - and he would look so gorgeous with his long fluffy caot at present!

I groomed him, put his boots on his legs and tacked him up ... as Toni had finished tacking up her two ... today she rode Junior and led Smudge.  We went the same route as we had done last Wednesday when we were with Ros, but this time we didn't have to cope with the overhead cables being worked on, so that was a positive start!

It was a bit murky, but at least we didn't get any rain!

Junior is a horse that likes to get moving - and that was another good test for DJ - as he mostly had to trot (or jog) to keep up.  We were out for about 3/4hour and by the time we got back, he was a bit warm, but still fully sound.

So - good news continues!

After a towelling down and a bit of a brush, I checked his legs over and then got him a small feed, before taking him back to his field.
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