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Such A Good Boy ... Even In The 2 Minutes Silence!

As I walked towards DJ this morning, I did have to smaile, as he was also walking towards me ... He was sound (Yay) ... I am still dragging my bad leg slightly, so I was glad to see at least one of us was OK - Who knows, we both may be fit on the same day!

Anyway - I knew I had about an hour as Toni had just gone to drop her grand-daughter off at play-group ... so it meant we could have some uality time, and I could give him a really good groom.  As it had rained heavily last night he was still damp in places, but he obviously hadn't rolled since then, as he looked unusually clean!

He was a good boy - except when I first started checking the scabs on his front legs - but he even let me do that.

Once he was tacked and strapped, I put on reflector and hat ... intime to meet Toni and Badger at the mounting block!

The 4 of us set off to go up the road for a mile and back.

We saw ros and Rosie returning from their ride - and progressed on.  As we came to the first corner there were men standing aroud watching us ... but DJ, after only one reminder, carried on walkin.  The men were standing in front of an open gateway, of a field of bullocks!  Yes, they were moving bullocks this morning - and going the same way we were.

They let us go past, and then, a short time later came up the road.  Toni laughed as DJ was a bit "skippy" ... she said that if it all went wrong, at least it woulld be topical, if DJ headed off in a full-blown Cavalry style gallop!  However, as I sadi, he was a good boy and steadied and walked on.

When we got to the top we turned and came back ... and guess what ... same men, different field!  They again were planning on following us!  This time DJ carried on walking - but with a beautiul elevated stride - which was great, as he is lazy, but worrying, as he has a leg problem!

Still we carried on - and he was great, even when the guys then came past us on motor-scooters as they headed home.

We got back ... and the even better news is that DJ was still sound ... and as Badger walks quickly, DJ had trotted quite a bit as well.

As we pulled into the yard, I looked at my watch - 11am ... So, the 4 of us stood quietly for 2 minutes to remember those who had died.  Which was pobably one of the more authentic silences ... The First World War was the last time that horses actually served in the front lines.  The boys were great!

So, once we got them "undressed" I fed DJ and took him out to his field ... so he could give a very thorough reoport to Conrad ... and plan naughty things to do in future rides (no doubt)!!

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