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The Icon MEME - Again

A couple of days agao crossreactivity   said that she wanted to be distracted from the election news ... so I said if she wanted to hunt through my icons, then she could!

So, here are the 5 she chose ... and amzingly, like the 3 people before her a couple are the same!

Anyway, if you have not seen this meme, and you want me to chose 5 of your icons, then let me know ... and as ever, I offer that if you want to know about any of mine, then you only have to ask!

title or description

This is labelled B7 - as it was the first one I had for mt Blakes 7 fandom stuff.  I did the icon and then snowgrouse  re-did it for me, with better layout, font etc.

Blakes 7 was a BBC programme that ran for 4 seasons - my hero being Avon ... the quiet one who dressed in black leather!  The show was about a group of rebels trying to re-gain freedom, and had some amazing characters ... and some brilliant one-liners.  This phrase being one.  "Regret is part of being alive, but keep it a small part" is another.

title or description

Yes, I ride and love horses - and DJ is one very lazy pony!  A few weeks ago petzipellepingo  let me know that there were some horse icons up - and I snagged a couple, made by allbottledup  

I love having icons that I can use to post when I am talking about specific things - and this is one.  But the look on that horse's face is just great!

title or description

I love Star Trek - and my favourite is "Voyager".

Some months ago I was commenting on a post made by act3scene1 and we "chatted" about the show - and she then made this icon.  So it is lovely that it came about through something I said, but I also use it for Star Trek comments and a few unrelated posts.

title or description

As my profile says, the reason for my name is that I "fell in love" with a character ... and I need the photographic proof that I have met the actor who brought Spike to life.

kazzy_cee  made the icon from one of the pictures I had taken this May, the others are on my journal left-hand column, as is the one from last year.

I find it hard to believe that I have met James, and use it when talking about meeting him, in posts and comments.  It is also weird to see a picture of myself with a guy ... so all in all a lovely icon!

title or description

This is a poor icon (in picture quality) but is something that I like to have - I am English ... I love the heritage and culture of my country.  I love travelling and love seing other countries traditions as well.

Sadly so few Englishmen care for their country - unlike the Welsh, Irish, scots or Cornish ... so I like to kepp that section of Britain alive.

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