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Another Step On The Road

.... In fact, lots of steps!

I actually went to see him at lunchtime today and brought him in time to give him a good groom.

His legs are doing well - the areas of inflammation have scabbed, and he let me slowly remove any dry tissue, which I think he actually enjoyed.  As I could get to those hard to reach scabs on his shins and the back of his lower legs.

Once groomed, I tacked him, booted him, and put on his ear-muffs just in time to be ready for Toni and Badger.

We walked down the road for about 1/2 mile - and other than on the downhills, or the parts of the road with a very steep camber he did really well.  He is as lazy as ever, so getting him focussed and working was hard, but once he realised he was going out, whatever, I think he enjoyed himself.

By the time we got back he was slightly lame and was also slowing even more (if that is possible!).

I fed him, while chatting to Toni and he handed me his bucket when he had finished - i think he was hoping for more!

Still, the answer to that was "No", and we walked back out to his field so he could tell Conrad all about the hard work he had to to today!
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