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I Am Obviously More Scary Than Hallowean!

Yesterday my neighbour called round.

Let me backtrack to fill in this story.   This couple have lived in the house for about 3 years - and don't even say hello if we both are going out of our door at the same time.  I have sent them a Christmas card every year - and not received one.  Still - no noise, no problems, no worries.

Last Sunday night I was awake a lot of the night listening to a puppy crying ... then Monday night ... Tuesday and most of Wednesday!

So, Thursday eveing there is my neighbour - plus squirming puppy.  She came to apologise and to give me a card from Ziggy to say he was sorry for keeping me awake.

I immediately said that it was not a problem, as they do learn - Jiffy had a couple of very bad nights ... our previous dog had odd hours for quite a few weeks!

Anyway - last night ... SILENCE

So I think that he was probably warned that if he was a bad boy then he would be sent back to see me ... It worked!

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