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New Shoes Again.

Yes, a couple of months has gone by and his feet need trimming, as well as the clenches being raised - Both are signs of the need for a farrier.

Ian was coming to do Badger this afternoon, so he did DJ as well.

DJ wore his boots to support the legs and protect the skin - but decided once they were on, none of his leg joints would bend at all ... For those who have ever seen "The Woodentops", Ian said he was doing a "Spotty Dog" impersination! And, sadly he was correct!

Still Ian was good at taking care when working on his bad leg, and trying not to spend too long working on it's diagonal.

So - he now has a new set of shoes, and wlked out with a spring in his step, as he realised he was going back to his field with Conrad ... Once there, he took off across the field to go and play - Great to warm him up, but I dread to think how bad his legs will now be!

~ ~ ~

The Twins and Spotty Dog from an episode of The Woodentops - For those who have missed out on that experience!

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