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Things Really Do Happen In Threes

When I woke up on Friday I had come to the tough decision that, even though I love my car (a 10 year old red Ford Puma), and I don't have any money, I still would have to look at replacing it.  The clutch doesn't have long to go, neither do the brake cylenders - not too bad with 120,000 miles on the clock!  And lat week with all that rain I also discovered I have a leak somewhere, so I am ankle deep in water!  So, much as I loved the car, I have to say Goodbye.

I then went to see DJ and the others, and all was well there - came back, saw a patient, then wanted to wash my hair - turned on the heating ... no central heating!  Yes the bolier has died, or something!

So, all in all not a good morning, that's OK I thought - I'll get lunch ... Baked Potato (which I start off in the microwave) ... no light there! 

So - all in all it should have been Friday the 13th, not the 24th!!
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