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The Icon MEME - Again

I have just had another 5 icons picked to explain - this time by bendy1  ... so again, if anyone want me to pick 5 of theirs, then I will.

Bendy has chosen 4 different ones, although one is one that was chosen by both the last 2 people who looked through my icons!  So read to help show how my brain (!) ticks ...

Captain Proton - Star Trek Voyager

I love Star Trek Voyager - and this one was made by act3scene1  after a "chat" we had about various Star Trek series.  So it is fairly special, as came as a result of a chat, and is the only star Trek icon I have.  Tom Paris was my favourite character in the series, and I loved the holoprogramme he made of Captain Proton, as it reminded me of Saturday mornings as a kid watching Buster Crabbe.

Cross - Paid in full

As most of you know my Faith is everything to me.  I believe that Jesus is the Son of God and as I believe He died and was raised again, I will go to Heaven.  So, although only 100 pixels square, this sums up my faith.
I don't use this icon unless i know the person I am commenting to has Christian faith, as I wouldn't want to offend people.  It was made by eyesthatslay 


This icon is one of a series that kazzy_cee  made and I asked her to add my name to the iris.
I tend to use it if I am posting/commenting about sad events.  It is a beautiful flower, and a simble of peace and respect (in my eyes!)


This is the one you all chose!
The photo was taken through the walls of Tintagel Castle, and is an attempt to show the amazing cliff scenery that is part of north Cornwall.
I tend to use it if I am talking about local things - or just a general comment about the countryside.


I am one of these people who call myself English, rather than British.  I suppose it comes of having a brother who calls himself welsh, and living in a town where the locals call themselves Cornish!
I love England - the country, history and the heritage - and to me it is a very special section of the world that is getting lost.
I tend to only use it if I am making a post specifically about England.  I do need to change the picture though - as it is terrible ... my first attempt!

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