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Good News all Round!

I am feeling better - so the nurse didn't succeed in killing me off with the flu jab. My arm is still sore - but better.

Thank you to all my friends who sent best wishes - that is obviously what helped.

~ ~ ~

I went to see DJ again today - and took him for another walk!

He was sound, and we walked for about 1/4 hour ... in fact he trotted a couple of times, as I hadn't put his "ear-muffs" on and traffic was getting him "bouncy". As I was leading him it give me a slight thought because, you are not as in control when you are on the ground. If you don't ride, you would think it was the opposite - but youare actually safer on a horse, than on foot, if things get stressful for them.

However he was good - and it was good to see him skipping and yet still walking sound.

On the way back we were stopped by Ros, who told us that Rosie was quite a bit better ... so it was good to see her and chat, and another good test for DJ as he had to stand on a road, with traffic still passing him.

When we got back, I was glad to feel (as I took off his boots) that his legs were still cool and that the tendons were fairly well defined ... very little swellin.

So, he appears to have got another stap alon his recovery road.

I fed him, and while he was eating, I fed Smudge and checked on the others. Yesterday I posted a picture of DJ, and now feel guilty that I didn't post pics of the others - so here they are -

Smudge eating lunch - no there aren't holes in his rug, there were and Toni patched it!


Junior, with Conrad in the background.

I know I posted one of DJ yesterday ... but didn't want him to feel left out!


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