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I have done the icon MEME a few times over the months - but still love doing it, as I love icons.

Overall, I like having icons that I can use for specific reasons, moods, replies etc ... And, not suprisingly, quite a few are of a certain actor ... I do wonder who?

Anyway, I replied to alwaysjbj  and to dawnofme  and they chose 5 icons each - which are below the cut, complete with explanations.  The brilliant thing is that they chose 2 identical ones!

Anyway, for those of you who don't know, the MEME is that if you want, I will chose 5 of your icons, then you can post, as I am and explain a bit about them.

I also offer that if anyone wants to ask about any of my icons, then they can.

alwaysjbj chose these 5 for me :-

This icon was one made by bendy1  and I just love the image of James, that was taken from JMLive.  He just looks so peaceful.
I use it when I want to express peace, restfulness, etc.

This icon was made by kalinda001  and is of images from Blakes 7.  That is a BBC TV series that was done from 1978 - 1982.  My first real fan-dom.  I joined the fanclub in 1986 (ish) ... and have been a member ever since.  It is a series set in space, where the rebels are the good guys fighting against a planetary federation.  Avon, is human and Cally is an alien.  They are thrown together - and due to the age of filming, nothing happened ... but that is where fandom starts, isn't it?
I tend to only use it when replying to her, as not everyone knows the series, let alone remembers it.

Jiffy!  Mum and Dad's dog.  A 2 1/2 year old West Highland Terrier.  he is just so adorable and cute.  He knows that the universe revolves around him ... people are not "happy meal" they are "tummy ticklers"!!
His icon just pops up when I am talking about him, or answering a pet post ... or just 'cos I feel like it!

Tintagel.  It is not the best of images - I took the picture through the walls of Tintagel Castle.  It shows (to some degree) the beautiful cliffs that we have here, as this is about 1/2 hours drive from home.
If I post about beauty, scenery, Cornwall, etc I tend to use this one.

What can I say - more James.  This is the James that we have all sen on interviews and Q&As.  He is very active ... and adorable.  Another icon made by bendy1 
I use it when I am excited or happy about something.

dawnofme  chose thes ones {-

As most of you know, I am struggling with self-image.  This was one of the things that draws me to Spike as a character ... His wish to be loved and apreciated.  This is another icon by bendy1  and is of James as Capt John.  The last episode showed that same vulnerability that Spike has.  Bendy is brilliant at looking at still and choosing both beautiful images, as well as great lines to add.
I use it when I am in a self-pity mode, as well as when answering others sad posts.

Avon and Cally!

I hate having my picture taken - but the photo shoots with James were really special.  First I got to spend a few seconds in James arms, which was out of this world!  But also the pics actually came out well!  The icon is one of a set of 3 (the others are on my page) that kazzy_cee  made of my photos taken this May.  I wanted them (to compliment the one I had her make last year) for 2 reasons - Firstly, I still find it weird to think I have met him, and secondly, I am single, so don't get photos of me with a guy at all!
I use it when I am talking about meeting James.

I am a Christian with a deep faith - Jesus died so that I could be forgiven and go to Heaven when I die.  This may only be 100 pixels square, but sums up both my faith and my whole life.  It was made by eyesthatslay 
I use it when I replying to Christians, as I don't want to offend anyone who has a different relationship with God than the one I have.



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