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Yay - We Have Been Out!!

This morning DJ walked down his field towards me.  So that was lovely for two reasons -
     a)  He was pleased to see me (or the carrot!)
     b)  He was still sound ... and it's downhill slightly, so great to watch.

So, I brought him in, put his boots on him, and his bridle and off we went!

We only walked to just past where Ros lives, and back.  It was hard to know how much to make him do, but I think I got it correct, as by the time he was walking back across the yard his stride was just off.

It was only about 300yds (each way), but great to see him out - and he was OK about the traffic.  mind you, as I was walking next to him, the traffic all slowed.

So, it was a great start.  I want to start these few times very, very slowly.  Both to re-build his confidence and his strength, but day 1 was lovely.

Yay - he deserved his feed ... and a carrot!!

~ ~ ~

On a further note Rosie is better (well, except she has now twisted a shoulder!)  So, whether it was a mild dose of Strangles we will never know, but the swellings have gone down, and her temperature is back to normal.

So, double Yay!
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