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A Few Spuffy Icons.

Hi - I was mad enough to sign up for seasonal_spuffy  , and at this point, I wonder why I did ... LOL

Anyway, I have two offerings, the second of which is a story which I will be posting later on.

Below this cut are some icon / icon-bases. I am not an artist, but just enjoyed looking at Spike and Spuffy, so hope you enjoy a few glimpses to remind us all of this amazing couple. 

Teaser -

               1.                                        2.


                3.                                       4.


                  5.                                    6.


                   7.                                     8.


The screen caps are taken from

So, I have just X-posted here, incase any of you are Spuffy fans, yet do not know of that community.

Tags: challenge, icons, spike, spuffy

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