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DJ Has Been Out And About, Again!

I am sorry for all those who live in Britain and had to work today - you will know what I mean when I say - What a truly glorious day! I hope the rest of the world was having similar treatment - it was sunny, blue skies, a slight breeze and Spring is "busting out all over"!

Today DJ and I were joined on our ride by Toni and Smudge, Ros and Rags and another friend Sue and her horse Painter. Whether it was a girls gossip morning, or a geldings show-off morning I don't know. All I do know is that we went on a long ride, had a great time and did it in good time, as none of the boys were going to let the others get ahead!! (It's a "man-thing")

We went through two lots of woods - no animals today, but lots of flowers - and buds. The pussy-willow is out and we are starting to see where the bluebells will soon be giving their carpet. I know I am wittering - but it was (yet again) a truly amazing day - and a really special ride.

Poor DJ is the only one of the four who is not clipped of his natural winter coat, so when we got back I gave him a sponge bath! So he had time in the sun to dry and eat some hay, before going back to his field - so he can tell Conrad about today's ride!
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