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Toni Is A Great Friend!

As it was Ivy's funeral on Friday and then I am at mum and dad's over the weekend, I abandoned the poorly boy!

Go on, after thre .... One, Two, Three ... Awwwwwwww.

Don't you all feel sorry for him?

Anywat, throughout the wekend she has slackened his strappings, taken tham off for short times, replaced them ... every couple of hours (or so) she went and checked him out ... even on Saturday, which was also her grand-daughter's 2nd birthday.

Anyway - it worked!

He was "naked" this morning, and although there was swelling round both joints, and his skin was scabbed and sore, there was no heat and he was sound.  I brought him in, and gave him a new head-collar as a pressie, then gave him a bit of a groom.

I trotted him up the drive, and for the first half of it he was sound, and didn't stop, just shortened his stride after that.

So, although it will take some time for his skin to fully recover, he is well on the way to health again.

I took him back to his field, after giving him his carrot-medicine (!), and remeinded him not to gallop around!

So, hopefully this will see him slowly improve over the next couple of weeks.
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