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Deciding To Join In An LJ MEME

Today as I went to get DJ it was to see that his bandages were still on ... Yay!

However, as I clipped on the rope to walk him back in, it started ... hailing.  Yes, HAIL!!!

So, we were both cold and wet by the time we got back to the yard.

Toni came and checked him over and I trotted him still bandaged today and with their help he is sound.  So, all I did was take off the strappings, brush the lower leg and then re-bandage.

It is at this point I decided to do the MEME that has been going round ... you know, the one of taking a picture, no make-up etc ... so, here DJ is!  Still partly wet, muddy ... and generally looking like a normal happy pony!

(It isn't a great photograph from a technical point of view, as I am standing on a slope ... still that's part of the meme!!)

Anyway - great to know his improvement continues ... even if the blue legs to add a certain something to his style!

Smudge has pulled the muscles in one of his back legs - so is also lame ... but harder to treat, as it is impossible to strap.  Yes, he was also showing off to the new neighbours!!

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