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Go Vote - For James!!

I have snagged the details from deborahw37  ... and I have voted.

So, here is your chance to vote for James :-

SFX Magazine have always given our boy good coverage and it's awards time again

So, voting fingers at the ready

James has previously won Best Actor an amazing four years running and has also won Sexiest Male more than once.

Not only is voting for our boy fun but also SFX have done some great interviews and photoshoots with JM in the past ( The Suit shots??, Those tasty ones in the black leather jacket ??) A win or a good showing in the polls can do no harm

He's not in the drop down menu of options for Best Actor in a TV series this year, you have to select "other" and write him in . Sexiest Male has no options list , you just type in the name of your chosen sexy bastard.

You have to give a name and an email addy but can ticky box if you don't want them to send stuff to that addy.

And you have to vote in every category but if you really have no clue who/what to vote for in some sections then the SFX forum says you can select "other" and write "no vote"

I have copied this from Deb, as she explained the no vote bit very well!

Now - Go and Vote!!

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