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Twit - There Is Really No Other Name For Him At Present!

Yes - TWIT

Sorry DJ - I may love you ... but ...

I went to see him this morning to know how he was feeling, and he was waiting by the gate ... what a good boy.  He walked in quietly and easily ... what a good boy.


Only one of his legs were strapped ... Arrgh!!

When I spoke to Toni she said that she had checked him, and adjusted his strapping 3 times yesterday, so he had taken off the bandage during the night.  Fortunatel he had doe it on the good leg, but it was now swollen, so not great to see.

His bad leg was a bit better - but hard to say, as he had obviousl;y pulled the other one and now was using his bad leg to weight-bear.

So, Toni re-bandaged him and while he rested I walked back to his field to find the other strappings ... yes, you guessed it, they were in the far diagonal corner!

Anyway afetr another carrot, I walked him back out to his field, with a reminder to behave himself!!
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