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Farewell Ivy.

Last Saturday as I was actually starting playing at a concert with Bude Orchestra a dear friend of mine died suddenly.

She was 95 and I actually met her the day after Jaykub died.  To begin with she was a patient and then this last couple of years I had just sen her as a friend ... However not once when I was with her did she fail to make me laugh.  A few times over those 5 years I thought that we both might choke, we laughed so much ... about so many things.

She hadn't been well over the last couple of years and in the last 9 months had been living in a nursing home.  I know she is out of pain, and that she wanted to die, as for her that meant she would be in Heaven ... but as I told her when she said this, I shall miss her.  miss the giggles, miss the fun ... miss the banter.

I last saw her on Tuesday, and one of the last things she asked me was when I would next be seeing James - so as you can see, she kept up to date with what was going on.

A really lovely lady, who had truly been my pleasure to know and call a friend and who I shall miss.

R.I.P. Ivy.


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