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He Looks A Twit - And You Can Quote Me!!

... Well it's his own fault!

Yesterday we went out (just round the block) with Toni and Badger and overall he was brilliant - as he has been over the last few weeks ... However, there is a BUT in that statement!!

He spooked at a car, once ot had gone past us.  The car was quiet, yet he still tried to bolt.  So, Toni has suggested ear-muffs!!

The theory is that they will slightly muffle the overall sounds, so he will want to (and have to) rely on me more, to actually listen to what my voice, hands and legs are telling him.

So, today, once groomed and plaited he had a fly mask on, which had thick cotton ears - so as I say mild muffling to start with.

He was more conscious of keeping up with Toni, Junior and Smudge; whilst keeping a watchful eye on Ros and Rosie.  It will take him a little bit of time to get used to the softer sounds - so he was working on his herd instinct.  Although by the time we got back, he was quieter, so was settling to that.

He did listen to me when cars came past - although was still wary of a tractor - mind you, this vehicle was towing a trailor, that was towing a trailor - so I can't say I blame him.

Anyway - I forgot my camera, but he has a month of this, so will take his picture at some point, so you can all see his new style.

When we got back he was, not suprisingly, very hot - which gave me a chance to go and have a coffee with Toni, after sponging him down and, before feeding him and taking him back to his field, where he promptly got down and rolled!!
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