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Oh No She's Back!

Sorry DJ - but your holiday is over as well!

He came in easily this morning - I suppose, although he loves his freedom, it is also nice to have something different to do with his day .... Something to tell the others about.

He was very muddy, his mane was tangled ... and as for the state of his tail ... I'm not saying - LOL.

Still I got him sorted out and Toni brought in Smudge and so we set off.

DJ was feeling a little stiff when we left, but as Toni is getting Smudge's fitness levels up, doing some steady trotting up the road was a good test for him.  By the time we had been going for about 5 minutes he loosened up, which was great.

We trotted up the road and cut down a road we rarely use as it is steep.  At the bottom of it there is a stream and the 2 horses had a drink, as well as getting them to jump up and down the banks etc, which was fun.  Then up an equally steep road and round a large block.

Our final road was another steep up-and-down track that ended in having to cross a farm yard ... Great ... The cattle enjoyed watching us try to get gates open while having horses who weren't focussed on the job.  Still, Toni and I ride together a lot, and the horses have worked together, so we were able to get through OK.

And so to the road home - although (sadly) DJ was a twit when a tractor came towards us ... So sad as he had been really brilliant until that point. 

We were actually out for an hour and a half - so he came home very hot and tired.  His holiday was well and truly over, and having to keep up with a horse that is in competition training gave him that extra stress.  Still he made it OK.

So he had a sponge down and a small snack (once he was cooler) and then out to his field.  He was still warm - so he had to stop 1/2 way there to get down and roll!

Oh well, he has the weekend off!
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