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Toni And Smudge Are Overjoyed!

Years ago (when I first met Toni), she was competing 3 horses at National Level ... Show Jumping and Cross Country.

Secret and Squiffy, who I have mentioned here, were the 2 horses I knew, both were beautiful animals - both in looks and character ... And both adored their Mum.  Toni was heart-broken when Squiff, and later Secret, were fatally injured.  Squiffy was only 17, whilst Secret was 28 ... but they were her family ... and her friends.

She has talked about getting back to serious competeing for many years, since she lost Squiff and retired Secret.  But something has always come up.  One of her daughters was iil ... she lost her job ... her husband had a heart attack ... one of her horses was injured ... she broke her leg ... The list goes on.

Anyway - Sunday she took Smudge to his (and their) first ever TREQ (?sp) competition ... Orienteering, cross-country, and specific disciplines.

Before they went she just wanted to actually enjoy things, and for Smudge to be safe and happy.

Well ... They came FIRST!!

Yay ... and Yay agin.

I am so pleased for them.

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