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Celeb MEME.

Seen this from bendy1   , deborahw37   ,  and now dawnofme 

So I decided that they had some great contacts with celebs, there was no way I could beat them ... But here are a couple of claims to fame!!

My first riding instructor, Angie, was the girl in the film "The Lavender Hill Mob" (Ealing Film in the 50's) ... the one who discovered the Eiffel Tower statue.

My Grandfather's kit was on the coffin of the Unknown Warrior when he was buried at Westminster Abbey. 

About 15 years ago one of the soap stars was on holiday in the area and hurt his arm - I went to his hotel bedroom to see him (and give him treatment - Honest!).  The  main plot of his storyline at the time would have suggested he knew more about bedrooms than seeing an osteopath there!! 

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