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DJ's Update - Doing The Impossible!

Ian saw him yesterday and told Toni that if he didn't know better he would think DJ had been practising some ballet or something!

The shoe was attached on the inner 1/2 and twisted away on the outer ... basically impossible to do!  Sometimes one horse will stand on another's back shoe - but that usually loosens the whole shoe.  In this case, Conrad is bare-foot ... so it would be a problem for him, and his front feet look OK!!

So - Who's a clever boy?

 Anyway, I got him in and we did ride with Toni and Smudge just round the block.  He was very achy and still slightly lame, but the force he must have put through the leg means he is lucky to be so well!  We didn't go far and it was mainly a case of seeing how he was and then doing some gentle exercise to loosen him up a bit.

He has tomorrow (and the weekend) off ... Maybe he could go to DragonCon!

So after a carrot ... and another cuddle he was back to his field to laze around.
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