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Remind Me Again - Why Do I Have A Computer?

Yes, my friends are great - and one of the best reasons.

However I have almost given up today!!

Yesterday, I couldn't get a connection on my second (free) phone line which is part of my BroadBand thingy ... So, I e-mailed and got a great help page back ... With about 10 points to follow through.

So, I did #1,2 and 3 ... then the wrong lights were flasing on the box, so went back to the pc page, to see it had disconnected itself ... no internet access!

Then the helpline - whose number had changed!

When I got through I spoke to a very helpful bloke - 25 minutes later, it was back!!  He kep wanting me to reconnect via wire, which I told him was 100% impossile, so at least he worked it out for me ...

Yay, I'm back.

Now I'm off to lie down in a darkened room before I start the rest of my day ... I'll fill you in about DJ's disasterous morning later!  (Don't panic - he is OK!)
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