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Lovely End To The Week - Even DJ Couldn't Complain!

It was yet again dry when I got him in from hs field - and he was dry as well, which meant no rain in the last hour ... a miracle in itself!

We had time for a long groom - so all his corners(!) got brushed, his main and tail combed through; and even had time for a cuddle as well.

Toni brought in Smudge, and we didn't go far - just a mile up the road and back - in the sunshine.  The great test was we went down a narrow track, with a parked car and a barking dog.  They both walked past ... not smoothly, but DJ certainly coped well.  It was a positive experience for them after the dog that spooked them both last year.

So, it was a lovely ride - plenty of gossip, and time to just relax and enjoy.

Once back it was time for something to eat ... although I obviously didn't give DJ enough as he threw the empty bucket back at me!!  Then back to his field, so he could relax for the rest of the day ... and the coming weekend, of course!
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