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General Hello ... And A MEME.

Hi - Hope that you are all well.

Not really much happening here - I am still fighting the results of the virus, but glad to say that the blood tests came back clear ... I am slowly recovering from the anaemia, so that was good to know.

The pictures are slowly coming together - some are harder than others, but hope to get most of them posted next week.  (If anyone wants me to take pictures of anything specific, let me know.)  Anyway, the following week I am off to Rhodes with my parents for a week.  Sightseeing and sunshine ... I hope.

As I said, no real news - but below the cut is a MEME that I have snagged from slaymesoftly  ...

My first name:
My last name: (yes or no, please!)
Take a stab at my middle name:
What is my hair color?:
Name my celeb-crushes :
Do I have any children?:
What work do I do?:
What am I afraid of?:
Do I smoke?:
Do I drink?:
If I drink, what do I order?:
Do I have any siblings?:
How many?:
What's one of my favorite things to do?:
How many piercings do I have?:
What's my astrological sign?:
What's my favorite way to relax?:
Who is my favorite band/artist?:
Am I shy or outgoing?:
What is my secret if I could do anything, money/reality no object' dream?:
What is my favorite color?:
Name something I hate:
Name a talent I have:
What's my fave place to shop?
What kind of shoes do I wear?:
Do I have any pets?:
Am I married?:
What is/was my field of study?:
Name something I collect:
What is the color of my bedroom?:
What is my worst habit?:
If I were stranded on a desert island/desolate mountaintop, what would I bring:
What secret do I keep from most people?

I would imagaine most of you know most of the answers!!

Tags: blood count, camera, meme, personal

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