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2 Wednesdays In A Week!

Well, it was better to persuade DJ that it was Wednesday again, rather than tell him that he is working on 2 consecutive days!

Although I didn't report back .... Much to his disgust, I might add, I did ride yesterday.


It was raining - and Ros and I went for a reasonable length ride.  It was good to be out and about, as I am at long last feeling quite a bit better.   This latest virus has really drained me again.  We mostly just walked, but as Rosie does walk faster than DJ it means DJ does a jog/walk to keep up.

We were out for about 1 1/2 hours - and the traffic was amazing.  We were in small tracks and yet there were cars and lorries everywhere.

Once back, I chatted to Toni, who had hurt her knee the previous night so was resting it.  I think DJ was just wanting us to stop so I could feed him, and he could go back to his field ... food and sleep were definately calling him!


It was Ros who confirmed to DJ that it was Wednesday today - the weather was dry, the sun was intermittant and DJ was escorting his 5 ladies.

So - as you see, he didn't have cause to complain ... Today was his normal Wednesday!

We went not so far today, but I actually made him work for part of it, as the jog he ends to do is laziness, so we spent some time concentrating on walking and then trotting if he had to.

Once back I fed him, and back to his field ... and time for him to roll, to show how disgusted he was with me ... more work for me to do next time ... I didn't tell him that plans to be tomorrow!!

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