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Beauty Treatment - Hair And Nails.

And as you can guess, it is DJ that gets the pampering!

He had moved field over the weekend, but (sadly for him) I knew where he was.  I got him in a little later than normal, as he was due a visit from the farrier today.

While waiting for Ian to arrive I gave him a good groom.  I took a picture of him when I got him in, but couldn't get a decent picture of how muddy he looked ... sorry about that.  Maybe he had jinxed the camera so that you didn't get to see him in such a mess!!


Anyway, Ian was later than expected - so DJ had a pampering groom for just over the hour.  He was still muddy, but short of giving him a bath there isn't much you can do.  still he is healthy and fit, which is the main thing - and his feet are in good condition, so that is another positive sign.

Below the cut are the pictures of DJ having his feet done ... amde to measure shoes, of course!  I have posted them in order of how each shoe is put on, the very observant will notice I have muddled his feet - but this is just to give the non-horsey people an idea of what a farrier does - and how the horse has to stand ... it takes about an hour to do.

Horses are amazing that they can be trained for this as in the wild they have 2 natural forms of defence ... run and kick.  As you can see we take this option away from them for this time.

The old shoes have to be taken off - it takes a farrier 3 or 4 pulls - I took a back off Jaykub once and it took me 12!!

The foot growth is trimmed off.

The shoe s heated and then shaped to fit the foot.

The shoe is placed on the foot - and the steam coming off is water from the hoof as well as a slight burning.  People ask does it hurt ... I can assure you DJ wouldn't stand there if it did!

The shoe is cooled and then checked for correct shaping ...

.... and then nailed on ... 6 nails per shoe nowadays.

The hoof is rasped to smooth and fit to the shoe.


The nails are then bent over and trimmed - which is called clenching, and now the shoe is helpd with clenches.

Then it is finished - and as he was a good boy he had something to eat before heading back to tell Conrad of his busy morning.

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