December 3rd, 2021

Do Not Disturb - James!

My Consultant Is Pleased With Me ...

... even though I realised that I have been "naughty" over the last couple of weeks, and things have relapsed.  I had so enjoyed my trip to London, but had not remembered how much it would have tired me, so I let things slide over the last few weeks.  However as my consultant pointed out that I had noticed it myself (only yesterday, but at least I did), and I haven't actually hit rock bottom ... so annoying, but positive.  I have homework to do, and assorted extra points to focus on to get myself back on track.

So nice to have a positive result, despite realising things weren't going quite as well.

On other news, it's Friday and my day off, but rather than being a good girl and doing "me" things I am going to put up some of my decs ... but will have a lazy walk this afternoon to try to switch off and relax.  I still have cards and letters to write, but I have done some and will not do any more until Monday to try to sort out my life again.

So I shall make a few icons for this months challenges ... but before I go I shall post some icons from previous competitions (in another post) ... and ...

3. What was the longest you stayed in your own home for?
Ummm - is that living in a house, or just not going out even to the shops?
I owned my house in Bude for 25 years.
I have stayed in for a week when I had flu the first time, other than that I tend to go out most days ... work/shops/Church ... or just a walk
Spike - with white frame

Assorted Icons

All these icons are from your_favourites ... and are all snaggable, with credits available over at d4s_icons

Challenge #129 - Movie from the 2000's

Pride and Prejudice - 2005

maxresdefault(5)   06452b002bc70ca494c47a8cd0c3b388   781ec0c16d696e334757af985ff1c8bec7-pride-and-prejudice-fnmc.rhorizontal.w700   EB20051110REVIEWS51019005AR

Challenge 130 – Favourite Fairy Tale

I was brought up to believe that one day my prince would come riding on a white charger ... as the 1959 film "Sleeping Beauty" portrays –

Challenge #131 - Kdrama

I must admit I can't say it's my favourite as I don't watch any ... so had to Google.  So if you want to delete the entry, please do!  Anyway, the 4 icons are all from - Rebel - Thief Who Stole The People

Rebel-Thief_Who_Stole_The_People-ep19trailer Rebel_Thief_Who_Stole_The_People Rebel_-_Thief_Who_Stole_The_People Rebel-Thief_Who_Stole_the_People-ep21trailer

Challenge 132 - Favourite Horror Film

I must admit I am not a great fan of horror films .... however "Arsenic & Old Lace" is one that I watch & re-watch ... brilliant film -

pic114   jonathan-brewster   images(1)   download

Challenge #133 - Animated Sidekick

I just love Patch on 101 Dalmatians ... and Baloo from Jungle Book

Patch image baloo-104035_(1) Baloo_(1)

Challenge #134 - Romance TV Show

When I saw the latest genre I did wonder what I could do, so followed the link and there was a great memory, which I now need to re-watch! The Vampire Diaries -

Damon-Salvatore-Elena-Gilbert-Vampire-Diaries-Season-4 1478616924-damon-and-stefan-season-2-episode-2-damon-salvatore-15012300-2048-1370 119VampireDiaries1211 119VampireDiaries1151