November 17th, 2021

Capt John - pattern in corner

Another Day Off ....

But, another busy day

The reason for these days off is because one of the people I work with is on holiday with her parents, the other has had surgery.

But, health wise it will do me good, and I am keeping busy.  I could have worked somewhere else in the hospital, but I have opted to stay home and relax (a lot of walking over the weekend, and I did really well health wise, but I am not going to push myself and take a back step)

This morning it was great as both my missing clocks came home.  They had both stopped at the start of the pandemic and I have really missed hearing the ticks.  The one in my study strikes on the hour and was bought when my great-grandfather was living & working in New York in 1890.  I inherited it when my grandmother sold her house in 1980.  The other one which hangs in my lounge, was the wedding present for a different great-grandfather in 1880, and mu inherited it when he died in 1953.  So they have always been around in mum's life, and now mine.  It is so great they are back on the walls.

While waiting for them to arrive I made some ginger biscuits, so now I have to get back to my photographs ... ready to be spammed later.

Hope you are all having a fun day, as well ...  as ever, before I go -

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