November 16th, 2021

London - Dr Who (+ James lyrics)

I'm Back

... Did you miss me?

So, 6 days in London was truly brilliant.  Loads of museums, St Pauls & Westminster Abbey, as well as the Cenotaph (details to come as & when I get the photos up to post)

Luckily I have today off work as I am tired ... we were delayed by over an hour coming home, and 5 nights of sleeping in a hostel, with possibly the worst pillow in the world ... and miles of walking.  Yes, I'm tired.  However I have already done some shopping ... fruit, veg & milk.  And I actually have 2 loads of washing on the line, so I am being busy.

Now I need to sort "a few" photos ... prepare to be spammed!

But, before I do that -

16. Do you want any piercings?
I have myears pierced once ... that's enough for me

Hope you are all well - if I missed any vital news, let me know.

London 2021 #1

And, I thought I would start with a few "random" pictures ... starting with the reminder that Christmas is truly on it's way ... well, according to London!!!

Regent Street
Oxford Street

Outside the Kensington Museums (and no, I didn't have a go)

And so to Hyde Park Corner
Apsley House which has the address of 1, London.  It is the home of Lord Wellington, and yes I did visit, but no photography permitted.

Wellington Arch, and again, I did visit, but nothing much to photograph.
Part of the Royal Artillery War Memorial

And, I did see some areas of Hyde Park in general.
This is the one memorial that is truly moving, and yes I did actually cry.  As the logo says, "Animals have no choice"
As you can see lots of animals are etched on the image, with 2 heavily laden mules ... walking through to ....
... sheer peace on the horse & dog.


Maybe another year I will get organised to have a ride.  This is Rotton Row, which if you have ever read any stories set in Regency London you would have heard about it ... so yes an historical route.

One of the many reasons I went to London was to go to the Field of Remembrance at St Margaret's.


Yes, I planted a cross for Dad in the Home Guard section ... as well as both my Grandfather's in The Northamptonshire Regiment, and The Coldstream Guards.  I also planted a cross for my 2 friends from The Northamptonshire Regt, as well.

As I walked along the Embankment I looked at The Battle of Britain memorial, which is well worth a visit if you haven't seen it yet

One of my pet moans of modern life, and most people is that they are so busy looking at their phones, they never see the amazing things around them, such as -

So, there we are, a few images of my trip to London ... loads more to post ... beware!