November 8th, 2021


Another Week, Another Monday -

Yes, here we are at Monday again!

Clinic was OK - again mostly nice people, with one no-show, but all in all a long morning as they all seemed to need a lot of attention.  Two of them kept asking questions, which was fine, but it seemed as if I walked up and down the same corridor a lot ... I am sure that they always waited until I had walked all the way back before ringing to ask to speak to me again!  Oh well, at least I have done quite a few steps today, so don't feel too bad about only doing a shortish walk this afternoon.

How is your Monday going?

I want to try and catch up with you all so hopefully will get that done before I sign off again for the rest of the day ... but before I do that ...

8. Did the house you grew up in have a big yard?
Yes - except we called it a garden (points to icon)