November 6th, 2021

Yoda - Keep Calm

What A Nice Day Off

I managed to get a sports massage on my shoulders, as well as some more treatment to my calf ... and even better, the appointment was delayed, so I had a slightly lazy morning!

I then walked into Exeter in time to meet Claire and we went to a noodle restaurant and met Tim ... so it was a nice lunch. Nice food and nice company. I hadn't been there before, but the food was tasty, without being too over-spiced, and Tim helped me make up my mind. Although I will admit there seemed a bit too much sauce/gravy, so with noodles and chop-sticks I was panicked about further decorating my jumper! So that was well worth the walk in, if nothing else!

After Tim went back to work Claire & I went round the shops. I am not great at making lists, unlike Claire, but wandering round with her reminded me of a couple of things I needed to buy, so that was positive. The only thing I did know I needed was a 100th birthday card which I did mange to buy, so a good time.

After treatment and a lot of walking I decided to get the bus home, which was "interesting", as I think the bus driver took a wrong turning as we did a very odd/scenic route. And when we got near my bus stop he told me he didn't know there were any stops around where I wanted!

Oh well - now we are at Saturday and I have done some housework, sorted out some clothes to take to London with me for my trip next week, and will do this and maybe some icons before lunch ... then a walk, and some baking, before a lazy later afternoon.

Then tomorrow is Sunday - so a non-computer day. So will sign off here - see you Monday x (But before I go -)

6. How many first cousins do you have?
2 - Michael & Stephen ... who are 13 & 15 years older than me, and I only exchange a Christmas card with one of them ... although I have tried to do more.

7. What’s the longest period of time you’ve gone without sleep?
Probably my trip to Oregon as I left home at 4am GMT, and went to bed at 8.30pm PST .... about 24 hours.
One trip when we were driving back from Spain after car repairs I was awake about 20+ hours talking to dad to help keep him awake