November 3rd, 2021

Adventure before dementia

100 Icons

Back in February I signed up with [community profile] 100fandomicons and even though I didn't know 100 fandoms, and tend to not get into too many modern shows I have managed to complete it in under the year ... so decided to re-post it so that if any of you want to snag any, please feel free.

I think some of the prompts were a bit of a stretch, but hopefully you can see where my brain went to complete them.

Thanks Mods ... and an even bigger thanks Google!

001. accessory
The Wild Wild West
002. alive
Sleeping Beauty
003. animal
Champion, the Wonder Horse
004. arrow
Hercules, The Incredible Journeys
005. away
The_Wild_Wild_West Sleeping_Beauty Champion_the_Wonder_Horse Hercules,_The_Incedible_Journey Sharpe
006. birthday
Family Guy
007. black and white
The Avengers
008. blue
009. blur
Call The Midwife
010. body part
James Bond
family-guy The_Avengers U.F.O. Call_the_midwife_..._blur James_Bond
011. brilliant
012. celestial
Battlestar Galactica
013. collage
014. comic
The Dandy
015. cool
Dresden Files
Porot_-_brilliaant_..._Little_grey_cells battlestar_galactica_-_celestial Batman The_Dandy Dresden
016. courage
Cagney & Lacey
017. cozy
Keeping Up Appearances
018. crowd
Walking Dead
019. dance
Mary Poppins
020. dark
Men in Black
cagney_lacey_-_courage Keeping_Up_Appearances Walking_Dead Mary_Poppins Men_in_Black
021. dirty
The Professionals
022. discover
Anne of Green Gables
023. disney
Robin Hood
024. down
The Waltons
025. drawing
The_Professionals Anne_of_green_gables_..._discover(1) Robin_Hood waltons Highlander
026. dream
027. faded
028. fall
Band of Brothers
029. family
Downton Abbey
030. fantasy
I Dream of Genie
Andromeda Sanditon Band_of_brothers 8888c48e-ea55-419d-8156-df6c61bd37bd-4127_D015_00199_RC I_Dream_of_Genie
031. fight
032. final
Pride & Prejudice
033. fire
Flashing Blade
034. flower
Star Trek (Voyager)
035. food
Lethal Weapon
a2a65767-5e36-4aeb-aa89-e29ae298db0c Pride_and_prejudice_-_Final Flashing_Blade coda_288 lethal-weapon-Food
036. friends
Alias Smith & Jones
037. game
038. ghost
Being Human
039. green
Warehouse 13
040. grey
Lord of the Rings
Alias_Smith_&_Jones Soap_..._game Being_Human(1) Warehouse_13_c Lord_of_the_Rings
041. guest
042. hair
Blakes 7
043. half
The Munsters
044. heart
045. here
Sherlock Holmes
Blackadder_..._guest Blakes_7 carry_on_films Friends_..._heart Sherlock_holmes_-_here
046. history
House of Elliot
047. hope
Indiana Jones
048. hug
049. king
3 or 4 Musketeers
050. kiss
House_of_Elliot Indiana_Jones_...._hope Dallas_..._hug AC_3_-_D'Artagnan Bridgerton_-_kiss
051. laughing
North & South
052. letter
Beauty & the Beast
053. lighting
Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman
054. mask
055. mirror
North_&_South Beauty_the_Beast Dr_Quinn No_Eyes_-_Alejandro_Murrieta V
056. monochrome
057. moon
Vampire Diaries
058. morning
059. music
Gone with the Wind
060. negative space
Star Wars
Poldark Vampire_Diaries_-_moon Hornblower film-version-Margaret-Mitchell-Gone-with-the-1939 Star_Wars
061. new
Repair Shop
062. night
063. noise
Jeeves and Wooster
064. numbers
065. old
One Foot in the Grave
The_Repair_Shop_title_card Titanic Jeeves_and_Wooster 24_..._numbers One_foot_in_the_grave
066. opera / musical
067. outfit
Game of Thrones
068. party
The Simpsons
069. perfection
Dad's Army
070. polka dots
phantom-of-the-opera-1200x450-1 Game_of_thrones the-simpsons-birthday-party-theme-ideas-and-supplies(1) dads_army_hall Bewitched
071. profile
Harry Potter
072. promise
Alias Smith & Jones
073. quotation
Flash Gordan
074. rain
Wish Me Luck
075. red
Harry_Potter Alias_Smith_and_Jones_-_promise flash_gordon Wish_Me_Luck-_rain Torchwood
076. run
Woner Woman
077. scenery
Dr Who
078. shadows
079. sleeping
Tom & Jerry
080. speed
The A Team
Wonder_woman_-_run Doctor_Who Dragonball_Manga_..._shadows Tom_Jerry A_Team
081. spring
082. star
Judge Judy
083. stock
084. suit
The Champions
085. sun
btvs103_157 Judge_judy NCIS Champions(1) Torchwood(1)
086. sunglasses
087. swing
Man from UNCLE
088. text
The Prisoner
089. textured
Quantum Leap
090. three
M*A*S*H, the series
normal_sg1_317_617 man_from_uncle_-_swing The_Prisoner_-_6 Quantum_leap_-_Textured MASH
091. time
092. turn
093. up
094. water
Pirates of the Caribbean
095. waves
It Ain't Half Hot, Mum
Casualty_-_time Fleabag_-_Turn Porridge pirates_of_the_caribbean_..._water 3-1-19-2
096. weeping
Peaky Blinders
097. welcome
098. wisdom
099. work
Are You Being Served?
100. yellow
Peaky_blinders_-_weeping Superman_..._welcome qi Are_You_Being_Served OlEcpq2


As ever, all are snaggable, with most of the credits are available over at my icon journal at LiveJournal - d4s_icons

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Spike talking.

Wednesday's Musings

Over at photo_scavenger this weeks prompt is TYPE, and these 2 photos are showing true old-fashioned typing!

My Dad did his PhD (& MSc) pre computers, and he actually typed the work out himself (with it being photocopied for the 4 copies needed).  So, here are the 2 books ... and the fronis page from his PhD ... I am one proud daughter, as I went to his graduation a couple of years before he came to mine!



So thought I would share them here

So what with these and the 100 icon post I have already done, you are getting a lot of images from me today!  However seeing as it's raining at present it's nice to post something different from just a dull and depressing weather report.

Oh well - I may have said there would be musings, but can't think of anything special.

Did many of you watch Dr Who on Sunday ... I will admit I found it a bit confusing, although the special effects were certainly amazing.  So, I shall watch it again this coming weekend and see if with more time there will be more coherance in the storyline.  (And is it just me, or did we leave her trapped and alone in a prison ... or have I missed an episode)

Now I really must get on ... I am trying to write a fic for seasonal_spuffy but although I know roughly what it's about I can't seem to get it to flow smoothly.  So I shall look at it again, and if that doesn't help I shall leave it until I come back from London and then re-visit it ready for posting a few days after I get back.

Hope you are all well ... and, as ever -

3. Do you use any medicines daily?
And, as much Ventolin as needed.

Will see what you have posted, then get on ... see you tomorrow x