October 25th, 2021


Ssshhhhhhh, Don't Tell Mum!

Yes, sorry Mum, but I bought some mince pies today!  For Mum, mince pies were what we had from Christmas Eve to 12th night.  Mum used to make them and my memory of them is special.  She made beautiful pastry ... in fact she was an amazing cook.  Last year, nearer to Christmas I made my own which was nice, but seeing these on sale today, I just had to bow to temptation!

Work was actually good for a change, and we finished a bit early so I went and got my flu jab on the way home.  I had my Covid a few weeks ago, and now work is giving both on the same day.  So I confused the system!  Still it's done.  I had asked at my doctors last week when I was passing, but bizarrely they aren'r doing flu jabs this year.  Seems totally ironic given what is going on!  So far the arm feels OK, so hopefully that will continue. - I have had flu jabs for about 20 years now and (so far) never had a problem.

I have an appointment tomorrow with my osteopath for my ankle injury ... and am glad of that as over the last couple of days one of the damaged muscles is really sore.  However, the other one seems to be OK, so that's a positive point.

Well I have loads of letters I must write, so will sign off here ... well, after -

25. Do you own/wear any jumpsuits?