October 1st, 2021


Housework Done ...

... Yes, I have given the house a fair clean (I still need to clean my lounge cabinets, but that takes forever as I have shelves of ornaments), now I am here to say Hi, and once that is done I really need to get some baking done.  Not great for the wasteline, but I do like homemade cakes, biscuits, etc.  So I shall just have to wear looser clothes instead!

I haven't had a walk as I am being a good girl about my ankle, and the weather has been variable.  And, when it rains, it's pretty heavy.

I haven't got a PhotoFriday post as I posted photos off and on all last week, and did another post yesterday, so thought I would spare you today.

So I shall look to see what you have all been up to, and then downstaires to the kitchen ... but, before ...

1. Do you like rain?
Ironical seeing as that is the weather a lot of today!
I don't have a problem with rain, whether I have waterproof clothes on, or not.  But maybe spending time working with & riding horses, I got used to all weather.