August 31st, 2021

With Jiffy

Wow - That Seemed Wrong!

Clinic today!  As yesterday was a Bank Holiday I though today would be my "Monday" which always seems bad.  However I was actually home 1/2 an hour early ... and the 3 patients (one cancelled and one no-show) were really nice men.  So a lovely clinic ... now, does that mean the rest of the week is going to make up for it!!

I had a nice lazy couple of days - but actually got a few jobs done that needed doing, so a positive time, as well.

On Sunday I actually walked to The Salvation Army Citadel ... for a variety of reasons we didn't have an on-line service organised.  We still have the builders in, so no morning service.  It was a really nice walk (35 mins each way), and a nice service.  Great to hear the silver band, as well.  For years I played in a Miltary Band (as one of the few non-military), so it was good to hear the close harmony of the music.

Now we are progressing through the week ... Tuesday already.  I have done some shopping as well. 

So, all in all, it's a good day.

After I have posted this I will post some photos that I took on Brenda's birthday ... but, before I go -

31. What’s the largest animal you’ve ever had as a pet?

Jaykub ... a 14.2 Welsh Cob pony  (& DJ ... a 14.1 Connemara pony)
Perry was the biggest of the dogs - a Cocker Spaniel, but big for his breed

Jiffy was the smallest of them all - but gave me an excuse to use this icon!
James - Discovery Channel

More English History

As I have already said, last Friday I met up with Brenda as it was her birthday. We met up at Tyntesfield which is somewhere between the 2 of us.

The house is Georgian, although improved & extended in the 1860'2, including the most amazing chapel.







The birthday girl (I do love a special fireplace)
You can't see it here, but the wallpaper is made of leather


Just love this woodwork ... it's all over the building

The Chapel, which as you can see, is actually "part" of the building